Saturday, November 1, 2008

Article I

I apologize for the long delay in getting back to this project. Clogged drains, ultrasounds, and other matters have occupied my time. I'm using the old division into twelve articles for this study. So the first Article is:

I believe in God the Father Almighty;
Maker of heaven and earth.

The Nicene Creed adds "and of all things visible and invisible." Other forms of the creed have "Ruler and Creator of all ages and creatures."

So the God of the Apostles Creed is not some generic god. He is Almighty or Omnipotent. He possesses all power and control. He is also the creator. He is the creator of all that exists. He is the creator of all atoms and molecules and dogs and cats and Republicans and Democrats and angels and demons. No, I'm not trying to draw a similarity between Republicans and angels or Democrats and Demons. There's probably more demon than angel in both of them. God says He completed all of His work in six days and you want to argue with God about that, you go right ahead. As long as we acknowledge that there is such a thing as God, I don't see why we would doubt that He could do what He did in six days. Is there some mathematical formula for determining how much power God can exert in a given period of time?

What seems strange to me, is that historically denominations tend to accept some form of theistic evolution for many years prior to the time in which they deny the virgin birth. The virgin birth is far more offensive and perplexing than a six day creation. God can become man, he just can't create the earth in six days?

The fact that God is the creator and owner of all things means that we should be good stewards of the environment. Much of what passes for environmentalism these days including theories about global warming ignores long term history (such as Greenland's warmer climate during the Middle Ages). However, true conservatives should really be concerned with conserving something.

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