Sunday, November 2, 2008

Article I part II

Before I move on from the first article there were a few things that I foolishly did not say. One of the most important confessions is the confession that God is Father. God would be Father within His own Triune nature even if no other creatures existed. God is not two gods but one God. Yet God is three persons. God has eternally existed as three persons and the Father-Son relationship has eternally existed.

All earthly Fatherhood is a dim reflection of the Fatherhood that God exhibits in His own nature. Earthly Fatherhood could not exist apart from the Fatherhood of God. We are by nature children of the Devil. We become sons of the Triune God through adoption. We are adopted in baptism. A child does not choose who will adopt him and we do not choose to be adopted by God. God adopts us.

The format of the creed has also caused some people to walk away with the wrong idea. It's not as if God the Father creates, the Son saves, and the Holy Spirit sanctifies and they're all accomplishing separate tasks. They are always working together. The creed simply focuses in on what Scripture emphasizes about each. All things were certainly created through the Son.

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