Monday, April 6, 2009

Frequently Receiving the Body and the Blood of the Lamb

During Holy week my pastor has offered the body and blood of Christ every day of the week. This is truly a great blessing. I give thanks to God for my church and my pastor and to Christ for giving me His body and blood. I've grown accustomed to receiving the body and blood of the Lamb twice a week but this is even more wonderful. But it also confuses me.

I really can't imagine going a Sunday without receiving Christ's body and blood. I have attended mid-week vespers services without the Eucharist but it always seems like I've been reading a really good book only to find that the last chapter of the book is missing. It's really hard for me to imagine attending a church where the Lamb's body and blood is not offered at least every Sunday. The Reformed church I was previously a member of had the Lord's Supper only four times a year. It seems pretty clear from the book of Acts that early Christians met to "break bread" (receive the Lord's Supper). This was the purpose of the meeting. Preaching and prayers should not be neglected but they are never given as the reason for the assembling. If we can receive the body and blood only four times a year, why not just pray four times a year? Or preaching four times a year? Wouldn't that make preaching more special if we only heard it four times a year? Or praying more special if we only did it four times a year?

Who ever saw a bridegroom sacrificed at the marriage supper, or brides eating their betrothed? The Son of God has done a new thing in the world, which no man ever did but He alone. His Body and His Blood He has set forth at the feast before them that sit at table, that they may eat of Him, and live with Him without end. Meat and drink is our Lord at His marriage supper: blessed is He who has given us His Body and Blood, that in Him we may delight. -- Jacob of Serug, A Homily upon the Supper

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Rev. Jim Roemke said...

I agree with you about reading a good book without the proper ending. What absolute joy it has been for my weak spirit to recieve the Body and Blood everyday of this most Holy Week. You and your children's presence at the morning services have also been a great encouragement to me! See you at the Vigil!