Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lutheran Church: What is Wrong With You?

Over the past couple of years I've been contacted by people from some other church body that are interested in Lutheranism. They want the liturgy and Lutheran preaching. Unfortunately, although there are often LCMS churches located in close proximity to them, they often don't have the historic liturgy and the preaching is not Lutheran. Why put Lutheran on your sign if you don't want to be Lutheran? Nobody would start a group to support the Republian party and then get all their teachings materials from the Democrats. If you agree with the teachings of Max Lucado, maybe you're really a Campbellite. If you agree with the teachings of Rick Warren and Beth Moore, maybe you're really Southern Baptist. If you don't agree with them, why would you let them teach through Bible studies in your church? Christ washes you in the waters of Holy Baptism and gives you His body and blood to drink, why would you trade that for a bowl of evangelical pottage?


Gary said...

Here! Here!

Gary said...

Or better yet:

Hear! Hear!

Martin Yee said...

Really liked your post on this concern. Great question and food for thought. Thanks.