Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today by John Kleinig

There are a countless number of books on Christian Spirituality on the market. What sets Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today by John Kleinig apart is its commitment to Christian orthodoxy. Using the Psalms, the Lord's Prayer, and historic Christian practice, Kleinig gives very helpful and practical advice. He draws us away from individualistic prayers and calls us to join in the prayer of the church. Many books on Christian spirituality focus on individual practices that can actually distance ourselves from the church. Kleinig calls us into the liturgical life of the church and to pray for our brothers and sisters in the church. He refers to his general approach as "receptive spirituality." We are not ascending a ladder to God but receiving the gifts of Christ as He condescends to us. Some of the material in the book is covered in a series of lectures that are available on the internet. However, the book contains additional information and is well worth the purchase.

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