Friday, July 15, 2011

Stilla of Abenberg, Virgin; the Division of the Holy Apostles; Gumbert of Ansbach,Abbot

Today we commemorate Stilla, the division of the Holy Apostles, and Gumbert. Stilla was born at Abenberg in Bavaria. She built the church of St Peter near her home and then took a vow of virginity in the prescence of Otto, Bishop of Bamberg, living a life of prayer and meditation in her father’s home. When Stilla died, her brothers wanted to bury her at Heilsbronn, but the two horses drawing her funeral cortege refused to pull in that direction, turning always towards the church of St Peter, where they finally allowed her to be buried.

The Division of the Holy Apostles ocurred when the Apostles before leaving Jerusalem to bring the Gospel to all nations determined by lot the portions of the world that each would evangelize.

Gumbert was a wealthy lord who renounced the world and gave all his wealth the church.

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