Monday, May 9, 2011

Hermas, Bishop, Martyr; Gregory of Nazianzus, Biship, Confessor; Job, Saint

Today we commemorate Hermas, Gregory, and Job. Hermas. Hermas is mentioned by the Apostle Paul in Romans 16:14 and possibly the author of The Shepherd of Hermas which was accepted as canonical by some in the early church. Hermas was bishop of Philippi and was martryed for the faith.

Gregory of Nazianzus was a 4th century archbishop of Constantinople and an extraordinarily influential theologian, especially when it comes to the doctrine of the Trinity.

We learn about Job from the book of Job. Job was a righteous man who suffered greatly. The Devil accused Job of acting righteously only because God had blessed Job so much. When everything was taken away from Job his friends assumed that Job must have committed some great sin and Job's suffering was made greater through the accusations of his friends. But Job remained faithful to God and provides one of the strongest testimonies in the Old Testament to the resurrection. Job is never told why he suffers but is restored by God.

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