Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eustasius, Apostle to the Bavarians

Today we remember Eustasius. According to Wikipedia:

Saint Eustace of Luxeuil (560? - 629?), also known as Eustasius, was the second abbot of Luxeuil from 611. He succeeded his teacher Saint Columbanus, to whom he had been a favourite disciple and monk. He had been the head of the monastic school.

During his abbacy, the monastery contained about 600 monks and was a well-known seminary that produced both bishops and saints. He was noted for his humility, continual prayer, and fasting. During his administration, as well as during the rule of his successor Saint Waldebert, Luxeuil acquired a high reputation for learning.

A tradition states that he cured Sadalberga of blindness; he had been visiting Bavaria and cured this future saint of her ailment after stopping by at her house.

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