Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I intend to fill in the gaps for Sundays and Feast Days that I have missed on my Devotional Commentaries and then dedicate most of my time to topical issues and book reviews--something that no pastor should ever do. But I'm not a pastor so it's okay. Some of my commentaries are better than others and some could certainly use some improvement but I feel like my personal goal is accomplished and I don't have enough creativity to continue writing them year after year. My own writing helped me understand the one year lectionary better and I hope it provided an example of how easy a Christ-centered interpretation that distinguishes between the Law and the Gospel really is in a very bare bones way. A real sermon in a real church should also apply the law and Gospel personally to the needs of the congregation but unfortunately most don't even get the basic bare bones right and it's really not that hard. Following the lectionary and preaching Christ-crucified is actually easier in my opinion than having to choose a text for yourself and find some random topic to talk about--and it's better for you. It's part of your complete breakfast. It's secretly nutritious and magically delicious but not as fashionable.

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