Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trinity 24: A Devotional Commentary

Isaiah 51:9-16 Awake, awake, put on strength, arm of Yahweh; awake, as in the days of old, the generations of ancient times. Isn’t it you who cut Rahab in pieces, who pierced the monster? Isn’t it you who dried up the sea, the waters of the great deep; who made the depths of the sea a way for the redeemed to pass over? The ransomed of Yahweh shall return, and come with singing to Zion; and everlasting joy shall be on their heads. They shall obtain gladness and joy. Sorrow and sighing shall flee away. “I, even I, am he who comforts you: who are you, that you are afraid of man who shall die, and of the son of man who shall be made as grass; and have forgotten Yahweh your Maker, who stretched forth the heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth; and fear continually all the day because of the fury of the oppressor, when he makes ready to destroy? and where is the fury of the oppressor? The captive exile shall speedily be freed; and he shall not die and go down into the pit, neither shall his bread fail. For I am Yahweh your God, who stirs up the sea, so that its waves roar: Yahweh of Armies is his name. I have put my words in your mouth, and have covered you in the shadow of my hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and tell Zion, ‘You are my people.’”

Colossians 1:9-14 For this cause, we also, since the day we heard this, don’t cease praying and making requests for you, that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, that you may walk worthily of the Lord, to please him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all power, according to the might of his glory, for all endurance and perseverance with joy; giving thanks to the Father, who made us fit to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light; who delivered us out of the power of darkness, and translated us into the Kingdom of the Son of his love; in whom we have our redemption, the forgiveness of our sins;

Matthew 9:18-26 While he told these things to them, behold, a ruler came and worshiped him, saying, “My daughter has just died, but come and lay your hand on her, and she will live.” Jesus got up and followed him, as did his disciples. Behold, a woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years came behind him, and touched the fringe of his garment; for she said within herself, “If I just touch his garment, I will be made well.” But Jesus, turning around and seeing her, said, “Daughter, cheer up! Your faith has made you well.” And the woman was made well from that hour. When Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the flute players, and the crowd in noisy disorder, he said to them, “Make room, because the girl isn’t dead, but sleeping.” They were ridiculing him. But when the crowd was put out, he entered in, took her by the hand, and the girl arose. The report of this went out into all that land.

Christ is our only hope. Jesus alone has the power to heal us. Jesus alone has the power to raise us from the dead. Jesus alone has the power to raise our loved ones from the dead. Jesus is the only one who can give life because Jesus is life.

Our own works bring nothing but sin and death. Some of us look like we are doing better than others. Some of us look like we have control but like this ruler we can save noone, only Jesus can save our loved ones. We are all like this woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years. This woman was banned from the temple and the presence of God because of her uncleanness and so have we. Only Jesus blood can save us from our own bloody sinfulness. Like the dead girl, we are all dead in our sin whether we lie dead as the girl.

Just like the crowd we think we are alive, we think we are righteous in ourselves--we think we have life. We look down on the "sinners" around us and laugh at the idea that God could give them life. But we are dead and worse than these "sinners" because we do not even recognize how dead we really are. But Jesus brings us life. Jesus raises the dead. Grasp tightly onto the hem of His garment. Only Jesus gives you life. Everything else brings death. Jesus resurrects you and feeds you with His very body and blood.

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