Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Consequence of Christless, Man-Centered Preaching

This guy is the pastor of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. He's gotten some media attention for praying for the death of our president. I'm not going to bother reviewing this sermon. I'm guessing that most are able to see that this guy is missing the entire point of the passage. God said he was going to strike down all the males and used a Hebraism for males--"those who piss against the wall." It would seem to make a little more sense to say that you shouldn't piss against the wall based on this passage. Why would you want to be struck down? But that would miss the point as well. God is not providing an instruction manual on how to urinate. The pastor also uses this as an example of why you need to use the KJV--because they retained this powerful pissing language. I think it would be wise to retain more of these Hebraisms but the KJV also cleans up some of these Hebraisms too. What was offensive in one generation is not offensive in another and so the KJV just watered down some other Hebraisms. This pastor is certainly not preaching Christ and when people stop preaching Christ they look for life principles everywhere.

I don't think we should waste our time talking about how ridiculous Steven Anderson is. If we have opportunity we should encourage him to preach Christ instead of all this nonsense. But more importantly, we should see this as the logical conclusion of not letting the Scriptures speak by interpreting verses in context and with the knowledge that all of Scripture is really about Jesus and not how to be a good husband or how to be successful or whatever else your hobby horse might be. If you choose a non-potty related life-principle people probably won't think you're silly but you'll be doing the exact same thing as Steven Anderson and neglecting your duty to preach Christ-crucified.


Rev. Jim Roemke said...

But I thought Baptists have no creed but the Bible. How on earth could they get it wrong when they are not blinded by the teachings of men?

Gerhard said...

Chuck Wiese opined, "I don't think we should waste our time talking about how ridiculous Steven Anderson is."

Pastor Anderson is not ridiculous. He preached a sermon on valid urinating passages. The sheep judge his sermon. Here's my judgment:

1. Pastor Anderson does not prove why urinating against a wall is more godly than not urinating against a wall. Pastor Anderson burdens consciences with a new urinating law of his own invention. He then accuses other pastors and even the U.S. president of violating his newly invented law. How does he even know about their bathroom practices?
2. Pastor Anderson disobeys the fourth commandment by urinating standing up in German restrooms. While in Germany, Pastor Anderson is subject to German restroom rules as a power ordained by God.
3. Although I have no first hand knowledge, I believe Pastor Anderson is incorrect regarding the inability of women to urinate against a wall. A friend told me the story of a urinating contest he had with a woman. She won the contest by urinating up to the ceiling.
4. Pastor Anderson is correct when he says that modern translations lack the power of the KJV. They also lack the accuracy of the KJV. Why don't modern translations use "him that urinates against the wall" instead of injecting their own interpretation of scripture which may or may not be correct?
5. It was necessary for our salvation that Christ be able to urinate against the wall. However, there is nothing in scripture that proves He actually did urinate against the wall or that Him urinating against the wall was a law to be fulfilled. Pastor Anderson was right to preach on the urinating passages; however, he did not preach an orthodox sermon.