Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogging Break

If you've been reading my blog regularly you may have notice that I have been posting a devotional commentary for every feast day pretty consistently. However, I will be taking a break for a week or so. This Monday, Lord-willing, my wife will give birth to a little girl via c-section. Please keep us in your prayers. We have had many miscarriages and two stillborn twins. As long as Mommy and baby are in good health we plan to have our little girl baptized during the Saturday night Easter Vigil Service (the traditional day for baptism and receiving catechumens into full communion). If you belong to a church that celebrates the Easter Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil), I highly recommend attending. If you pay attention you will notice that they are really three parts of a single service that lasts for three days. If you want to see what the earliest Christian liturgy looked like, go to a Good Friday service at a liturgical Lutheran church. Easter Vigil is my favorite. If you're trying to decide between and Easter sunrise service and a Saturday Easter Vigil service, go for Easter Vigil. Many churches offer services every day during Holy Week. I'm going to miss at least some of them but if you are able to attend I recommend this as well. We do not earn brownie points with God by going to any of these services but this is where God is giving out all the cool gifts and the extra services give us more opportunity to receive them. Plus, there is some incredible liturgical material you don't get to experience the rest of the year. Have blessed Holy Week.

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