Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Jesus Storybook Bible

We received The Jesus Storybook Bible as a gift a few months ago and I've been reading it to my children every night. Overall the book is excellent. Most children's storybooks tend to treat the Biblical stories (especially the Old Testament ones) as if they are primarily moral lessons. But The Jesus Storybook Bible shows us how all the stories point to Jesus. The book does a good job of communicating deep theological truths to children in an interesting way. The book is written by a Presbyterian and so I did have some problems with the way that the book presented the sacraments (Zwinglian). I ended up rewording some of the sentences when I read them to the children. There were some other problems I had with the way certain things were worded but overall the book is far better than most Bible storybooks and is at least a step in the right direction when teaching children how to read the Bible. Unfortunately most pastors don't seem to realize that the Bible is all about Jesus so I guess its no surprise that most Bible storybooks wouldn't get it either.

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