Monday, September 1, 2008

The Ninth Word

Exodus 20:16 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

The Lamb is the truth and the church is the community of truth. The way of the Lamb is the way of truth. The way of the lie is the way of the Devil. Lying is completely antichristian. When you, a follower of the Lamb, lie--you lie about the Lamb. The various philosophical systems of this world are various systems of lies. The internet makes local lies accessible to a wider audience.

Confessional ministers lie when they subscribe to confessions that they either don't believe are true or are completely unaware as to what they say. Evangelicalism is always lying about God. On the internet and from behind pulpits men seek to attack these evangelical liars. Unfortunately, many become liars themselves by falsely depicting their opponents. The Lamb commands us to put the best construction on the statements of our brothers in the Lamb. The Lamb commands us to speak the truth in love. Some believe that the requirement of two witnesses is fulfilled by clicking "send" twice. Pragmatism is the great enemy of the Lamb. Pragmatism doesn't trust the Lamb. Pragmatism is willing to bend the truth for the greater good. Pragmatism is Antichrist.

The Ninth Word commands you to uphold the good name your neighbor. Dishonoring your neighbor destroys his personhood and verbally kills him. Gossiping about your boss is gossiping about the Lamb--the Lamb put your boss in that position. Gossiping about the sins of a brother or sister in Christ, even to a minister, makes you a murderer of that person. If you really cared about the person whom you believe has fallen into sin, you would talk to that person.

You spat on and slapped the Lamb at the time of His humiliation. You find the Lamb offensive. But the Lamb in His wonderful mercy poured out His blood for you.

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